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Light Manufacturing in Tanzania has several innovative features. First, it provides in-depth cost comparisons between Tanzania and four other countries in Africa and Asia at the sectoral and product levels. Second, the book relies on a wide array of quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify the key constraints on enterprises and to evaluate differences in the performance of firms across countries. Third, it uses a focused approach to identify country- and industry-specific constraints. Fourth, it highlights the interconnectedness of constraints and solutions. For example, solving the manufacturing input problem requires actions in agriculture, education, and infrastructure. Detailed cross-country analysis has been carried out on four light manufacturing sectors in Tanzania: textiles and apparel, leather and leather products, wood and wood products, and agroprocessing. Based on this analysis, Light Manufacturing in Tanzania suggests that government policies should be directed toward removing the constraints in a few of the most promising light manufacturing sectors using practical and innovative solutions inspired by the rapidly growing Asian economies that started from a point 20 years ago that was not so different from the starting point of Tanzania today.
Philippe Dongier
Country Director for Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda Africa Region The World Bank

A Reform Agenda for
Job Creation and Prosperity